I am 98% sure we've arrived in the land of MSPI. LO is 3 weeks old, and for the last 6-7 days, has had green poop. It's gotten progressively more green and mucusy. Last night, there was a little bit of visible blood. I almost feel like she's having diarrhea (but maybe all BF babies have loud poop??) - this is my first exclusively BF baby.

I've put in calls to our LC and doctor.

I'm vegan, but our milk donor isn't. I haven't needed her milk for about 4 days, so I'm hopeful I can meet LO's needs for at least 2 more weeks.

For soy, I understand I need to cut out all forms (including oil and lecithin) for a few weeks.

Let's say LO's symptoms go away after the diet changes. Should I test the donor milk first? And, how soon would she likely have a reaction.

I've been eating soy since she was born, and she did have normal yellow poop for the first two weeks (after meconium). I'm so hopeful it's the dairy (since we don't eat it), but then I'm really sad about having to find a new donor (dairy free would likely be hard).

Any advice on testing foods and MSPI, in general, would be really, really helpful!!!