We went to see the local YMCA pool. I don't think I'm a fan of indoor pools, and this one makes me feel claustrophobic and I couldn't wait to walk out. I keep envisioning pools in the resorts. I remembered hubby and I were in the pool everyday during our time at Disney World in 2008 and it felt relaxing and fun. Daughter is 3.5 and son is 1. I'm still indecisive whether we will make our Disney World trip this year, and if so I think maybe around late September.
We're from Boston, and I've also looked into going to Storyland in NH, and then perhaps stay a night in an Inn with a pool.
I've also looked into Coco Keys (water park for kids) but seems like it might be a little advance for the kiddos to enjoy. Does anyone know of any places that have good swimming pools in the Boston area? or maybe a mini trip 2-3 days in a nice resort?