Is anyone else considering pulling their child out of school and doing homeschool this year?

Our school district decided to do remote learning indefinitely instead of in-person learning, which I think was a wise choice. However, their remote learning plan for elementary school is going to consist of 4 hours of live video streams with their teacher and 2 hours of work done at your own pace (mostly worksheets and reading) daily. They are attempting to recreate a school day at home with set times for everything. I think this is way too much, especially the amount of screen time they expect. We did similar (although less intensive) remote learning in the spring through the school, and my child hated it! During the Zoom calls, he was constantly fidgeting, not paying attention and would often try to leave and go do something else. I had to sit next to him through all the calls to make sure he was doing what he was supposed to.

Our school is saying the live streams this time around will be more engaging and they are expecting the children to be able to follow along and do the work without needing parental help, but I don't see how that's possible, especially for a 1st grader like my son.

It sounds like there's no flexibility in the proposed plan, because it's required to attend the live streams to be counted present for attendance, and they want you to turn in work daily. I am considering homeschool, so I could make our own schedule, which would be significantly shorter, and teach my child the way he learns best. I would follow a homeschool curriculum, so I'm confident he could learn what he needs to.

My big struggle right now is that I really want to homeschool him and pull him out of his public school, but I feel a large amount of guilt about it. One reason is because I like the idea of supporting public schools and being part of the school community. The other larger reason is that I am currently VP of our PTA, and I feel like I would be abandoning the board if I leave the school. I take my commitments seriously, and I honestly can't tell what would make me feel worse at this point - dealing with my child who will probably be miserable during remote learning or dealing with my feelings of letting people down who are depending on me.

Does anyone have advice or is going through something similar?