DH and I are going on a trip later this spring without DD and I'm pretty nervous about it. Our daughter will be 22 months by then. She's been a terrible sleeper since she was born, and although she has gotten a lot better, she still wakes up in the middle of the night. DH and I bring her into our bed at that point and she cuddles with me and goes back to sleep until we get up for work in the morning. This is probably my biggest concern. She's a huge mama's girl and I'm afraid she will have a hard time not only with me being gone, but especially without me there at night.

We are debating between four and five nights away. The five night would be the best trip-wise, as it would give us the most time to visit with the friends and relatives we're visiting, but I'm seriously considering only going for four nights because of DD.

Has anyone left their young toddler for that length of time and is willing to give advice? I feel sick at the thought of leaving her, but I also know this time away is important for us before we start TTC for #2. Realistically we won't be going on a couples trip again for at least a few years.