Looking for some advice/guidance on combo feeding. DS2 is 2.5 weeks old and not gaining enough weight so our pedi wants us to supplement. I am fine with using formula as I have a 2 year old so I don't really have the time to BF/pump/bottle feed every feeding.

I am mentally struggling with his lack of weight gain because I struggled to BF DS1 and mentally tortured myself over it. I promised myself I wouldn't do that this time. However, didn't expect to run into the weight gain issue so soon. My first LO struggled with weight gain, and we supplemented him with formula, but not until he was 8 weeks old. All that to say, I am considering combo feeding to take a little bit of the stress/pressure off of myself, while still giving him the benefits of breastmilk. He is nursing pretty well, and has a decent latch despite being a sleepy nurser. He nurses regularly, normally every 2-3 hours and seems full/content after eating, but only gained 1oz in a week. We go for another weight check tomorrow, but I feel like I need to figure this out and make sure he is getting enough.