I need to post / vent somewhere and the big teacher forums I'm part of are too large / conflicted and ahhhhhhhh.

Anyway. Here's our tentative plan next year in Phoenix, AZ:
No subs. Specials teachers will cover any other teacher absences, which essentially means specials will be canceled most of the time. Wednesdays off for "prep" because we probably won't have prep periods. No recess. No lunch in the cafeteria. Students stay in seats, no group work, etc. Middle school teachers teach on carts. AM/PM shifts and we have to disinfect our own classroom between shifts. No windows, so, no real ventilation. No temp checks, only self-reporting. "Teaching in a plexiglass box" was brought up. Required masks for everyone.

Teaching next year sounds HORRIBLE and I am so, so, so sad.

Also, I have no idea how I can wear a mask for 8hrs/day, 4days/wk. I know a bunch of jobs are doing it already but it's just going to be so hard - how will I ever build rapport with students? How will I learn their names, without their faces? How will I project my voice to the class while muffled by the mask?

And teaching on a cart? ughhhh....

TBD on an online school option.

ugh. my first day back with other teachers is July 16th for specialized training, so, only 4.5 weeks away. First day back with students in mid-August.

How are other teacher bees feeling about this? And parent bees of course too.