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Thoughts on a 'scent-free workplace'?

  1. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4455 posts

    After reading the responses I have to say I'm surprised I'm in the minority on this. Not offended but just think it's silly I guess.

    Let's just say I work with a population in environment where weird smells are just a part of the deal. Scent free would never ever happen.

  2. ElbieKay

    pomegranate / 3220 posts

    I would love a policy like this, but I think it is difficult to enforce.

    I have declined multiple nanny candidates due to overbearing perfume/fragrance odors. I don't want to come home to my kid smelling like someone else's gross perfume, and my husband would lose his mind over it. (He is more sensitive/opposed to fragrance than I am.)

    One of my best employees wears perfume regularly and even keeps it at her desk. I find it really unpleasant.

    I recognize that this is just a preference, but I do find fragrances imposing, in a bad way.

    For the record, I get grossed out when people eat Chinese food around me, too. I like Chinese food but for some reason I can't stand how it smells when I am not eating it!!

  3. Alba4

    nectarine / 2951 posts

    I’ve never heard of a scent free workplace, but I’d LOVE it. After having my kids, I’m so sensitive to smells and most purfumes bother me. I don’t get headaches, but more of a visceral reaction. I don’t wear perfume anymore personally. I kind of hate the smell of most people wearing purfumes and can smell it linger in the bathrooms and in the hallways (I’m in a school).

    Now that it’s hot, I get thejoy of smelling adolescent BO🤣 too!

  4. gestalt

    cherry / 150 posts

    My preference would be a "no spray" policy where people can't spray air fresheners, perfume, etc around them. I get that scent allergy is a real thing though, so i can't really complain.

    One thing i read recently that i thought was interesting: To wear perfume/scents responsibly, it should stay within your personal scent circle and no one more than an arm's length away should be able to notice it.

  5. pachamama

    nectarine / 2410 posts

    @Autumnmama79: My fertility clinic had this which I thought was.... responsible, I guess? Maybe overkill? But the nurses who took my blood always smelled strong of that gross, cheap Victoria Secret stuff so I guess they didn't enforce it.

  6. pachamama

    nectarine / 2410 posts

    @Alba4: also a teacher. It gets kinda rank in my room. We don't have AC and I have 29 sophomores in a 4th block class.


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