Do you have a set bedtime for your LO? Does it fluctuate base on his/her last nap? Eli is 11 weeks old and his usual bedtime has been between 6:30 - 7pm... but this past week... he has been fighting his bedtime.. he has been falling asleep at 8pm after fussing for an hour in his crib. He usually wakes up from his last nap at 4:30pm nowadays and he would refuse to take another nap so I just start my bed time routine at 6pm... but then he would fall asleep while eating from 6:30 - 7pm! after that, it's like hes had a good nap so he is wide awake... but not wide awake enough to be happy.. just grumpy and not sleeping. Should I make his bedtime earlier? like at 6pm? or should I just try REALLY hard to make him take a nap at 6ish so his bedtime can be 8pm?