So far I've been successful at moving my 14 week LO out of my bed and into his nursery (swing, not yet crib!) without any tears. Baby is no longer nursing all night since he is in his own space, but he still wakes every 3 hours to eat. I've read a lot about dream feeding and wanted to hear if it has worked for you or not. He goes to bed around 7p and actually has gone 5-7 hours without waking, but he has also woken up on his own from any time between 11p and 1am. So, I'm not really sure if a dream feed is necessary since he already wakes up, but has also proven that he can go longer. Ideally, I'd like to feed him around 10pm and have him sleep until 3 so that I can get at least a good stretch of sleep myself! Any tips/advice? Have your babies woken up at fairly regular times to eat? He's only been out of my bed for a week, so maybe I need to give him some more time to regulate his night time feeds, if possible. Thanks!