I just wanted to say that about 9 months ago I tried cry it out with my baby. She cried and cried inconsolably and after a while I just went back to breastfeeding on demand. Then I started taking her into bed when she was a bit older. Both she and I got much better sleep. Now I love sleeping with her and cuddling her. I regret trying cry it out. I read an article that when babies are left to cry, their stress hormones increase. However, even when they get used to being left alone or not being held, even when they stop crying, those stress hormones remain at a high level. They learn that no one will respond to their distress, but that doesn't mean they stop being distressed. In the wild, if a mammal leaves their young alone at night or lets it cry, predators will devour it. What I'm saying is cry it out is not natural. It's psychologically damaging. And quitting breastfeeding early is unnatural, no other mammal makes their young quit so early in development. I don't mean to alienate anyone. I just want to warn young mothers ( just like me) that are listening to a million pieces of advice. Love your kid. Comfort him when he cries. Don't train him like an animal. You'll be happier.