Trying to figure out if I need to change anything in DD's feeding/nursing schedule and could use some advice! I'm not sure if I"m just overthinking this or if there is really an issue.

I have noticed that when I pump to replace a feeding, I am only getting about 3.5-3.75oz. That doesn't seem like enough (she nurses about 5x a day, and 1x overnight). SO that makes me think I have a supply issue, and combined with her slow weight gain, that I need to supplement.

However, she never seems unsatisfied after nursing. She is meeting/exceeding all developmental milestones. The only thing that has made me nervous is seeing how much I pump, but maybe that's not a good indicator?

So I am not sure if it's worth it to try to supplement or maybe just bump up her solids intake to 3x a day. Any thoughts, especially from people with similar smaller babies/babies who were not big eaters!

ETA I should add that she has slowly been falling in percentiles--she was 34th at 4 months, 23rd at 6 months and 19th at 7 months. My son followed a similar pattern though, and is just a tall skinny kid. DD is not really that tall though (around 30somthing for height, tho that has been consistent-ish).