For the most part adoption has been a normal thing in my life. I've had friends who were adopted and distinctly remember when neighbors brought home their baby after suffering a loss. So, when an associate casually mentioned her 7 years old was a) adopted and b) didn't know I was quite surprised. As much as I was curious to find out why the family has chosen to keep the adoption a secret I decided not to ask.

Obviously adopting a child of a different race is hard to hide. In this case the parents are light skin and the daughter is brown, which is not unusual to have different skin tones in the same family (Caribbean). Even still my dark haired, dark eyed neighbors incorporated their blonde haired, blue eyed daughter's adoption/ birth story from when she was a baby. They could have played off her coloring as an anomaly too.

We don't ever plan to adopt, but I'm pretty sure I'd spill the beans. What about you?