So...DD is 21 months now and we are TTC for #2.

My plan is to move DD into her "big girl" room and leave the nursery the nursery for #2. I need to start transitioning her at some point.

I am getting a hand me down toddler bed - then she will move into a full size bed after that (likely up against the wall on one side with a rail on the other).

Wondering how you all transitioned you LO's? I was thinking naps at first for a few months (Saturday/Sunday only) - she is already on a cot at DayCare. Of course, there is fulltime oversight there to make sure she does not get up to Play.

Would you start with naps? Would you limit whats in there "play" wise to avoid that distraction or just start with it as it will be someday - i.e. full of toys/books? How long did it take for you to transition your LO?