DS is 26 months old and cries every single time we put him in his car seat that it’s “too tight”. He will complain about it for the entire ride whether it’s 5 minutes or 2 hours. Most of the time he just whines that it’s tight but sometimes he gets really upset and cries hard about it. He also says that his back and neck are hurting. He’s rearfacing in a britax boulevard clicktight. I tighten the straps so that they pass the “pinch test” but make sure not to overtighten. I say the same thing to his complaints on repeat “I hear you buddy, the straps are tight to keep you safe”. I can sometimes distract him with a game, singing songs or giving him books but it’s not always successful. It’s getting to be distracting and tiresome while driving and I really don’t want him to be uncomfortable but they have to be snug. Any ideas or just keep repeating my phrase and hope he just accepts it eventually?