Hi all, I mostly just read along but I would really love any advice re: Toddlers who are fussy eaters!

My girl is 22 months now, did great with a decent variety of solids until about 14 months when the fussiness started, and progressively got worse. We have a list of about a dozen-ish foods she will generally eat now, and that's seriously all. She won't try any different foods at all, won't even touch them (even foods she used to happily eat all the time), and flips out if she doesn't like the look of whats in front of her.

I try not to make it a battle, I always offer a 'new' food with other foods I know she likes, I don't bribe, I don't get angry, I just keep offering. But it's just getting worse, as more and more 'approved' foods are slowly crossed off the list. She's a healthy weight, growing well, and still has one bottle of cows milk before bed (she's an excellent sleeper).

I'm getting so incredibly frustrated every day, is this normal toddler stuff or is it worth chatting to her child-health nurse about it?