We moved 3 weeks ago into an unfinished, under construction house. As a result, DS (2.5) has been eating dinner on the couch every night in front of the TV (we have no usable kitchen, dining or living room yet, just finished bedrooms and the study which is functioning as our temporary living room.)

At day camp, they tell me he won't sit at the table for lunch but prefers to graze while playing (and it's hard bc he's one of the youngest and it's all in one big room). The start of camp coincided with the move, when he started eating dinner on the couch. This past year at school, he would sit at the table for snack, so I do think getting back in the habit at home will help for camp/school next year.

We are close to being able to use our downstairs, and I want tips on how to break this terrible habit. In our old condo, he either ate at his little table or in the clip-on high chair at the counter. My original plan before the move was to move him into a normal chair that's a little higher so he can reach the table (as his little table is in his playroom as we no longer have a large open plan dining/living)... or should we go back to the clip -on highchair, then transition once he's back in the no tv groove?