DS (3) has always been a great sleeper. He loves his crib and is also very able to soothe himself back to sleep. This is a multipart extremely long question:
-I think his body is starting to have him drop his afternoon nap, even though he wants it (and I think, needs it). I usually put him down to nap around 1pm, and about half the time he will fall asleep and sleep deeply 1:30-3:30. If he's not awake by 3:30, I wake him because if not, he will be in a horrendous mood the rest of the day. If he doesn't sleep, he's content to hang out in his crib and rest during that time, which is fine.
-On the nights he has napped, he goes to bed at 7:30, usually is awake for 30 mins, then sleeps 11 hours (8-7).
-On the nights he hasn't napped, he's a mess by 6 and I hold him off until 6:30. He falls immediately to sleep and then either a) wakes at 2am and jumps up and down in his crib for 20 mins (right over our bedroom), waking us and making me go in a few times to yell at him, before he goes back to sleep until 7 or b) sleeps 6:30-5:30 am and is up then JUMPING and again I have to go in and yell and then I'm up for the day. On those days, he's SUPER tired and crabby at school by 11am.

He doesn't mind spending awake time in his crib, it's just the jumping that I can't handle, so not sure how to keep him asleep. It seems like nap days he sleeps better at night (which makes sense as I fully believe in sleep begets sleep and he does need 12-13 hours total) but he doesn't always take a nap. It's very hit or miss. Should I try to shift the nap earlier? (the earliest I could do is 12:30). I'd also like his nap to be shorter (1-1.5 hrs total) so that he can get a nice full night's sleep (ideal bedtime for me would be 7pm, with him sleeping 7:30-7.)
I like that he's getting more flexible with his sleep schedule, like we can skip the nap if needed, but now I'm so tired from hearing him in the night!