LO is 18 months, and, for lack of any better way to put it, is completely addicted to chewing on bottles. Bottles have basically become her "lovey", she wants one in her mouth when she's playing, anxious, tired, happy, etc. and will tantrum when she can't have one. It doesn't matter if they are full/empty, she just loves them. I have no idea why she developed this attachment, but here we are. We tried to bottle wean when she was about 13 months old, and it was a terrible disaster - she was constantly stealing the bottles of the other kids in daycare, which was awful. We were hoping she'd outgrow wanting them, but instead she wants them more and more. We've offered many other options of loveys, but nothing has really connected with her.

At this point, most of her daycare friends are off bottles and we're going to bite the bullet and get rid of all but her night time bottle, starting this weekend. I know it will be painful for all of us, any advice?? Anyone else gone through this? She's perfectly capable of drinking from cups and happily does so at meals, so there is no concern that she will dehydrate.

I so wish we didn't have to do this, it seems so mean to take away her best coping mechanism. But, she can't be the 5 year old still drinking from bottles!