We will be spending 2.5 days in the hospital this week with our 29 month old DD. she will be wired to an EEG machine for that entire time, and therefore confined to her hospital bed. I am trying to brainstorm activities for her, as she is a very active kid. So far I have coloring books/crayons, 12 piece jigsaw puzzle, Minnie Mouse toy that can change outfits and fits in her own car, wooden beeds with string set, floam, and an iPad for cartoons & educational apps.

Does anyone have any additional ideas on ways to entertain her during this time? I know (due to previous hospital stays of the same nature) that they have toys already at the hospital that they let the kids use during their stay. However, in the past, she was only 7 & 9 month old for these visits, so the lack of mobility & crib confinement made it much easier!

Any advice is appreciated!