So, our LO is only 3.5 months, but the transition home from daycare seems to be killer for him. I'm sure it doesn't help that he's usually exhausted, but even if he's coming off awesome naps, he still loses it on the way home. And it's seriously like two miles from home.

DH does pick up most of the time. The baby will be fine (usually) until DH clicks the carseat into the car. Then, I can only imagine, it must set in for him that he's going from a very loud bright place to a home where there's just the three of us.

I know I've read about easing this transition for older kids, but has anyone been able to help a baby not freak out about it? I can tell when DH gets home by the crying as soon as the garage door opens. DS is inconsolable for several minutes until he finally tires himself out and calms down (and we immediately start getting him ready for bed).

DH has tried feeding him at daycare before putting him in the car. He's tried leaving the car running with the AC on in case it was too hot. He's tried music, no music, talk radio...

Anything else we can try? Or is this just how it is?