long post, sorry!
My son just started at a new preschool on Jan 2. He is coming from a daycare that had very few "rules" or structured activity, so I feel like not only is he getting used to the new building/friends/teachers, he's also getting used to having much more structured play and learning.
He's started acting very physically aggressive in the past 2 weeks. He hit a couple students, knocked over their block towers, kicked teachers when they were attempting to discipline him, spit at one of his teachers the other day, etc etc. He rarely displays that type of behavior at home. When he's having a tantrum, it can get a little nasty sure, but the worst of what we experience on a day-to-day is basically just him yelling"no", or not listening. My question is: is his acting out actually part of the transitioning process, or is it a whole other beast that we have to start addressing? If it IS part of the transition, and he just needs time to get acclimated to his new structure, what is the "normal" amount of time that it takes to get over the hump?
We're on the defensive with his school because it's almost starting to feel like they're hyper sensitive to his issues, and every day there's more and more bad news. I'm sure they're just trying to keep us in the loop, and need to maintain a safe environment for the other students, but there's almost a lack of understanding about the fact that he's new. One even suggested he be "evaluated" after not even 3 weeks of him being there. We were horrified at the thought (he's not even 3 yet), but brought it up with the pediatrician anyway and she was outraged - saying it was ridiculous that they don't understand normal toddler behavior. Having said that, his physical behavior HAS gotten worse according to the school - but again I'm just wondering if we should wait it out, or if we actually do have a problem on our hands (with either the school itself, or my son).