Sorry this is totally off topic of any parenting related, but this is what I've been working on and has been planning on happening, but now there is a huge road block. I know there are a lot of blog experts here (Mr and Mrs. Bee, wheres_c...etc.) so please give me some advice, if just hear me out and offer some comforting words...

I've been working on my blog since the beginning of the year. It is a blog about design and DIY projects (for the little ones mostly), and I am providing some free printables to designs (eg. thank you cards, birthday invites...etc.). In order to provide free printables, I have always planned to put google adsense ads.

So finally it is somewhere close to be done (or I am comfortable to take out the privacy protection and let people see it). Then I realize it may not be eligible for an adsense account at all.

The story is, I have my primary domain and it has been my business website for many many years. I started my blog under a subdomain ( and wanted to put ads there, but NOT on my primary domain. I went to adsense, and they only allow primary domains to apply for adsense, and I have to have intentions to put ads on the primary domain, which is not what I wanted!

My friend has suggested me to temporarily point my primary domain to my blog just to get approval, but I don't think that's how it works.

I am just really bummed. That has been my big plan and I worked so hard on it and turns out this may all be for nothing.

Thanks for hearing me out... any advices or work arounds do you think there is for me? Have you been able to apply for adsense in a similar situation as I am? Had I knew, I would have started my blog with

I am just very, very bummed.