Hi, I'm new here! I didn't really know what to title this post but its been going round and round my mind and I wonder if any other mamas or hopeful mamas are experiencing this.

Quick backstory: We've been ttc#2 for 9 months, and have had two crushing first trimester miscarriages in that time (Dec 2014 & March 2015). Following the two losses, I became increasingly sad and had zero motivation to workout again. The pounds have piled on in these past months, about 20 to be exact, and its doing a real number on my self-esteem. Add to this that I am 35 and really noticing the lower metabolism/harder to shed weight problems that seem to pop up for some women around this age.

Maybe this is just a pity post, but it just feels like the weight gain is insult to injury following the miscarriages. Especially the little chub belly I've got going on and family members looking for signs of another pregnancy...

Anyone else?