I have a beautiful baby girl who “was never supposed to happen” according to several doctors (including an infertility doctor). I had an amazing pregnancy and delivery of a perfectly healthy baby girl all with no meds or advance treatment.
I will be 36 in February and I want another one so bad!! My rationale is that I had one, so could I possibly have another?? However since July I have had irregular cycles and haven’t had a period since September 7! And I’m not pregnant! I’m seeing my OB on Monday but my last US in September showed everything to be perfectly normal.
My heart longs so much for a little sibling for my daughter. I have always wanted to be a mom and I’m eternally grateful for her but something in my heart says I need one more (sorry to sound selfish).
Anyways, I’d love some feedback on those who conceived later in life AND stories of using Clomid.
Thanks in advance!!
Pic for attention😘