I'm 30 and my first just turned 1. It took us 3 very long years to finally get pregnant. We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility so it's not like there was anything "wrong". I was told I had low AMH, although I cant remember the number I think it was on the low end of normal. Although the doctor did say she didnt want us to waste too much time trying with IUI before going to IVF. luckily I ended up getting pregnant with IUI.

Now, I've had baby fever since LO was 4 months old. But I need to work 6 months to qualify for mat leave and pay top-up. So the plan was to start TTC when LO turned 1

But now with the pandemic.... I dont know what to do. I'm in Canada and in a province with some of the lowest numbers. This could mean nothing though. But what if it takes us another 3 years?

What would you do?