Earlier this week (on Monday), I asked the nurse when they think the twins would go home. She said probably a few more weeks. By the time Thursday came around they were getting their feeding tubes removed and the Drs were talking about discharging them. Nurse said after I tried BFing them again, it was like a switch was flipped and they started meeting their feeding goals. (They have already been good with meeting their growth and temperature goals.) Both of them will be coming home... Which we were told was rare for nicu twins where one was a bit behind the other at birth. Our baby girl is such an underdog to catch up to her brother. Actually, she eats better than her brother! I heard of stories where the weaker twin comes out on top but I wasn't sure it would happen in our case. Definitely true for us.

Our 34 weekers will have been in the nicu for 15 days. We could have taken them home yesterday but we asked to room in with them on Friday night to get used to their schedules and last night was our last night alone.

Two nights ago, I was terrified but I'm feeling better today.
I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes and support over these past weeks.