Soo I'm in my friends wedding in May, and I'm THAT bridesmaid who ordered their dress a size smaller! I know!! I'm probably stressing her out now!!

So it was between ordering a size 16 or 18 (I HATE the sizing scale at bridal stores) and the size 18 would have been $25 more because it's plus size. I've gained probably 10-15 lbs since my own wedding last year just out of sheer laziness!

So now I have plenty of time to lose that 10-15 lbs and fit into the dress. In reality all I have to do is lose 1 inch from my hips, because it fits fine everywhere else!

So lets pretend you were in my shoes, what would you focus on first......eating or exercise? (I'm just finishing my school semester and I think I can only focus on 1 for right now)