Hi Bees,

We found out we were pregnant on May 4th, and immediately started dreaming of life with another baby. We have a 10 month old, and this new addition was a great surprise. I went to the Dr's Monday and they scheduled me for an ultrasound today, since we weren't sure how far along we were. I am guessing 6 weeks. Today started off with uncertainty as I started bleeding yesterday evening. We ruled it as spotting and I went in for my ultrasound today, the technician did the ultrasound and told me to see my Dr. immediately.

My Dr. discussed how the ultrasound showed no sign of a baby, but there was mention of "something" on my left ovary. I had to have my blood drawn to see if pregnancy levels are still increasing. I am saddened by this news as we have already named our baby, and my Dr mentioned how this looks like an ectopic pregnancy and will most likely never make it to term. I am thankful my Dr caught this, but also sad for what would've been my lil babe. This is my first loss.

Anyone go through this? How have you handled this?