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  1. cake2017

    persimmon / 1082 posts

    @MrsADS: I completely understand! I’m up at 4am 4 days a week and at work by 6- same duties here as well! We are very blessed to have family around but even if we can’t get away or make a date we just try to “hang out” after bedtime just to see what’s going on with each other! My whole opinion is making time for each other and not forgetting the relationship! I just believe children leave eventually and so many marriages are hanging cause it was neglected those many years when it doesn’t have to be in my opinion!

  2. pachamama

    nectarine / 2436 posts

    @hummusgirl: I agree with you on all accounts. I think coffee is gross but I still drink it with a ton of cream and sugar. This year, my school updated and literally threw every single thing away- desks cabinets bookshelves, etc. Just to "update" with sterile horrible new furniture. It just about killed me being there. Actually I was 20 weeks pregnant so I took mental health leave. It was awful.

  3. lady baltimore

    persimmon / 1196 posts

    I thought of another one:

    I don't really care if LO washes her hands after using the bathroom. I am teaching her to go through the motions of rinsing only for social reasons, but I don't enforce soap usage.

    I only use soap on dishes when I've cooked raw meat or something super greasy.

    +1 to whoever said bacon ruins whatever it touches.

  4. Happygal

    pomelo / 5000 posts

    This is an entertaining thread! Although I gasped when some of my beloved food groups have gotten shot down: coffee, ice cream, bacon, all have my heart. But any kind of melon can stick it.

    Didn't love that Maisel show. All the characters seem self-involved and whiny.

    I'm over most blogs and mommy/lifestyle-Instagrammers. Especially recipe ones where you have to scroll through many paragraphs of a person's story just to get to the recipe.

    I'm tired of the photography industry making people feel like every single life event needs to be properly staged and documented. Engagement, wedding, honeymoon picss, trash the dress, maternity, gender reveal, fresh 48, smash cake, holiday picture cards . . . it's too much!

  5. lindseykaye

    pear / 1992 posts

    @Happygal: I have to ask what is this Fresh 48 photo shoot? I agree with you here though. I like pro photos, they are beautiful, but it's just not financially feasible to document every single life event with a professional shoot! We had pro photos for our wedding and for our first's newborn pictures. Otherwise we ask friends who are hobbyists to take a few nice photos or enjoy the photos we take ourselves for milestones.

  6. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    @Happygal: Yesss to the photoshoots for everything! That is a good one. I mean, totally GET that moments should be captured, but does everything have to be done via a professional couple hundred dollars shoot!

    We only have wedding pictures. We did maternity photos for 1st pregnancy only b/c that's what our friend gifted us (she was the photog). We DIY'd DD1's newborn photos (#2 didn't get any, hah). And we went to JCPenny for each of the girl's 1st birthday; under $100 for a good amount of digital pictures!

    It also helps that DH is into photography and has a nice camera so we never feel the need for prof ones.

  7. josina

    pomegranate / 3973 posts

    I also hate when couples invite like every single person they've ever met to their wedding/reception. We received 2 this year for people we barely even know.

    @lindseykaye: Fresh 48 is a photoshoot within the first 2 days after a baby is born, in the hospital.


    nectarine / 2461 posts

    1. I hate those signs that people put up in their houses that say "dream" over your kid's bed, and "eat here" in your kitchen, and "sweet home" and other vacuous bullshit/instructions. the very worst is that Anthony Burrill poster that says Work Hard and Be Nice to People. They're so unstylish, unimaginative, sanctimonious, and boring.

    2. Lots of women look really great in black leggings or yoga pants with Birkenstocks if they're done well so fuck off to haters.

    3. I guess I'm the only one, but I didn't mind pumping at work that much ?? It's a 15-minute break where no one can bother you and there's your baby's food that she needs.

    4. Definitely the only one but I think hummus is super overrated and not that amazing on its own and totally wrong and gross on falafel, tahini is so much better. Sorry @hummusgirl: !


    nectarine / 2461 posts

    And yes to everyone who thinks overblown weddings and surrounding wedding related celebrations and gifting are totally lame. bridal party politics are ridiculous.

  10. hummusgirl

    persimmon / 1233 posts

    @LCTBQE: Ha, I hated hummus for most of my life but came around in my early 20s....so there's still time for you to get with the program. I'm holding out hope that I can one day stomach coffee - lord knows I need the caffeine.

  11. LCTBQE

    nectarine / 2461 posts

    @hummusgirl: haha, I don't hate it like hate-hate, not like I hate bachelorette weekends

  12. MrsSCB

    pomelo / 5257 posts

    @LCTBQE: I will never give up my leggings and Birkenstocks 😂 I have a rose gold pair of Birks that I wear alllll the time outside of work.

  13. psw27

    pomelo / 5220 posts

    @LCTBQE: +1 on house signs. Each room doesn't need to denote it's purpose - Eat! Dream! Wash your hands! No Sleep Til Brooklyn!

  14. Mrs. Cereal

    blogger / kiwi / 626 posts

    @Happygal: Oh my god, the recipe posts where it takes me 15 minutes to scroll all the way to the bottom just to get to the dang recipe. I just want the measurements!!!

  15. azaela

    pea / 20 posts

    What annoys me even more than long-winded recipe sagas are all the videos. Videos for everything. I hate watching anything on my phone. Whatever happened to articles and reading?

    And I also don't like shopping at small stores or boutiques. I prefer to be left alone to shop and I feel bad because I would rather support the small businesses but it is too annoying (and then the guilt if you don't buy something!).

  16. Mrs. Cereal

    blogger / kiwi / 626 posts

    I hate the sun and I hate summer. Being hot is my literal hell and I dread June, July, and August.

  17. JJ2626

    kiwi / 549 posts

    @Mrs. Cereal: same! I hate being hot and moved to a place where it rarely gets above 68 degrees for that reason. It’s heaven!

  18. Mrs. Cereal

    blogger / kiwi / 626 posts

    @JJ2626: where is this magical place?!?

  19. JJ2626

    kiwi / 549 posts

    @Mrs. Cereal: haha San Francisco!

  20. Petitduck

    kiwi / 624 posts

    @Mrs. Cereal: yes! Me too. I have also been largely pregnant three times during the summer..:bad planning. 39 weeks currently. Everyone says “enjoy the weather”. “Isn’t it a beautiful day?” I just force a smile and say yes and move along, but I do not like the sun for heat and uv.

  21. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 745 posts

    @azaela: I’ve started just saying “thank you” when I leave small boutiques empty handed. For some reason it helps with my guilt!

  22. bhbee

    cantaloupe / 6086 posts

    @Mrs. Cereal: YES to hating summer. I hated it when we lived in the northern part of the country and then 5 years ago we moved to TX for a job and it’s ridiculous half the year and has stolen part of my soul. I just long for November all summer since that is when it cools down usually.

    @Petitduck: you deserve a medal for 3 summer pregnancies!! My 3rd’s bday is next week and that last couple months about did me in. Glad you’ll have that baby out soon!

  23. Petitduck

    kiwi / 624 posts

    @bhbee: haha. Thanks. Three weeks or less. Hopefully less, but I have gone 2 weeks over before...

  24. pachamama

    nectarine / 2436 posts

    @Mrs. Cereal: I'm also not a fan of the heat in summer. I was just thinking, sometimes bright sun pisses me off! I'm such an asshole! But then I look at pictures of the winter (NY) and its soooo depressing.

  25. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @Jennibenni: I literally do not get the hype.

  26. hellobeeboston

    honeydew / 7235 posts

    @azaela: ugh... yes. I work in marketing/design and EVERYTHING is going to video these days - but its based on research, it's what "everyone" wants. I don't!

  27. graceandjoy

    pear / 1565 posts

    Used to love summer.... Not so much after kids, lol.

  28. Iced Tea

    persimmon / 1310 posts

    +1 hating bright sunlight. It gives me a headache. I'd much rather have a mostly cloudy day; I'm noticeably more relaxed!

    I also like the indoor temperature to somewhat reflect the outdoor temperature, and I seem to be largely alone in this. You know that feeling when you walk indoors, drenched in sweat from the outdoor conditions and walk into a room that feels like a refrigerator? I hate that. If it's 96 outside, I will keep it close to 80 inside. If it's 30 outside, I will keep it 64 inside.

  29. Ajsmommy

    pomegranate / 3355 posts

    I don't dilute juice for my kids

  30. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    @Ajsmommy: same, straight Apple juice out of the bottle 🤷‍♀️

  31. JennyLayneAZ

    nectarine / 2690 posts

    It's always seemed strange to me that not everyone wears sunglasses outside. But, it's always sunny here, so I guess it's not like that everywhere? @Iced Tea: &@pachamama: so I guess i understand the not liking bright sunlight thing. I airways get super excited if it's supposed to rain or if its gloomy out!

    @Ajsmommy: @Sams Mom: the only reason I dilute my kids juice is to stretch out the juice and to make sure dd is getting some water in her 🤷‍♀️

    ETA fixed typo

  32. bhbee

    cantaloupe / 6086 posts

    @JennyLayneAZ: since moving to Tx we also get so excited for rare cloudy days! Reminds us of the very cloudy Midwest where we grew up The strong angle of the sun in the south is very oppressive to me.

  33. crazydoglady

    nectarine / 2431 posts

    I don't care for the farmhouse look at all, and I think it looks kind of silly in anything but a farmhouse.

  34. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    I hate gender reveal parties.

  35. DesertDreams88

    grapefruit / 4361 posts

    If engaged couples have lived together for a little while, I don't understand why they register for material goods instead of a honeymoon. Dude, you don't need fancy forks. Go have fun and I'll gladly contribute.

  36. SweetCaroline

    pear / 1718 posts

    I don't understand Uggs or puddle jumper style flotation devices.

  37. LCTBQE

    nectarine / 2461 posts

    @Sams Mom: they are the worst, at some point can't people just stop feting themselves ?? I guess not.

    @MrsSCB: haha I wear mine at work when I'm not wearing heals I get a new pair of white mayari's every summer and wear them straight from May to October. love the metallic ones!

    @psw27: for real, like don't we have to follow enough rules and instruction out in the world all the time? they only came to my attention when we were house hunting last year, like 95% of middle class houses on zillow in suburban NJ had them in multiple rooms. gahhh.

  38. Mrskerch2

    pea / 23 posts

    @LCTBQE: the only room I actually think signs work in is the kids bathroom and I treat it more as a statement of rules! I’m not interested in them anywhere else in my house.

    +1 on Birks. I live in them to/from work and daily outside of work. I don’t care what phase of social acceptance they’re currently in. I’ve worn them nearly exclusively since I was in high school and will continue to until I’m very old. My feet and stupid high arches feel best in them.

  39. Mrskerch2

    pea / 23 posts

    Oh and I think crop tops and high waisted bathing suit bottoms should be burned.

  40. MoonMoon

    pomegranate / 3393 posts

    I don't care which way the toilet paper faces! And I think it's weird that some people seem to feel passionately about this issue!

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