Does anyone have experience where your progesterone was low in early pregnancy, you used suppositories, but the pregnancy was not viable? I have had 3 previous losses, so I had my beta and progesterone drawn yesterday at 12dpo. My hcg was 34 (so fairly low but not totally conclusive) but my progesterone was only 7. I started using suppositories last night just in case, but my guess is that the low progesterone is a symptom of another early loss, not its cause. Of course, I know we can't be sure. And now I'm nauseous from the progesterone, which is especially annoying. I haven't POAS since yesterday morning because it would be too hard to get through the workday today. I will tomorrow morning. Anyone have a similar experience? If the line is lighter tomorrow, should I just stop the progesterone so that it doesn't delay the miscarriage? Thanks!