After two years of trying, my BFF finally got a BFP after her first IVF cycle! I'm soooooo happy for her!
Her HCG levels look good so far, but I'm concerned about her progesterone. Monday and today (15 and 17 DPO) it was only at a 7. She is on crinone suppositories, and her nurse said that it was common to have low progesterone after a FET. Is this true? I feel like she should be put on injections or something. I know my doctor always wanted me at least at 15 when I was medicated, so it seems like they should be more concerned. The nurse said something about the crinone not showing up on bloodwork, but it being fine. My friend isn't as obsessed with all of this stuff as I am, so I'm checking on here to see if you ladies have input.