I've become quite a frequent poster on here, but this is my first pregnancy that's lasted this long, so every little thing worries me... I had an IUI on 10/10 and started progesterone suppositories 2 days after. My pregnancy was confirmed on 10-26 and I am currently 7 weeks pregnant. Last Thursday 11-8, I noticed spots of blood on my underwear, and also when I wiped. I immediately called the on call nurse and she recommended for me to make an appt the next day. Long story short, ultrasound was great and we saw a little heartbeat. I bled for about 3 days after that and during that time I didn't really have any cramping. However, yesterday I started to cramp more and my right hip started to hurt. The cramps felt like a pulling/ pinching and on occasion would feel like a stab, but would go away within seconds. I decided to take a pregnancy test (probably a dumb idea) and the control line was darker than the test line, which was unsettling because the test line has been darker.. I'm not sure if it's something to worry about, but of course I am anyway. I have an appt next Monday with my dr, but that feels like forever away. Can anyone else relate with any of my situation??