I've narrowed my stroller choice down to Uppababy Cruz or Vista. Still need to test them both out before deciding.

If you own either of these strollers, did you find the bassinet was necessary/used a lot? I know the bassinet is a big selling point of the Vista (even though you can buy it separately for the Cruz but not sure if I'd do that) and it seems some people say totally not worth it and others says couldn't have lived without it. What was your experience?

I was heavily leaning toward the Cruz and using it with the Mesa car seat for the infant stage, but know a lot of people say it's a no-no to keep baby in the car seat longer than needed, and better to lie flat. There is also the option of the infant snugseat with the Cruz and reclining the Cruz totally flat... which seems like an ok alternative to me?

If you don't have an UB but still used a bassinet with your stroller (or didn't), please feel free to chime in too!