I haven't posted too often on this board (although I've certainly read through a million posts in trying to make my decision to VBAC or have a RCS), but I just wanted to post my recent birth story in case it is helpful to anyone considering a VBAC after having an unplanned c-section after failing to progress in labor.

With my first, my water broke at 39 weeks and after dilating quickly on my own, I got "stuck" at +2 station after pushing off and on for a few hours. I did have an epidural but did not get one until 7 cm. After things stalled during pushing, I was given pitocin and baby suffered some heart decals and I began to have an increased temp. We had poor support from the nurses and the OB was inattentive and negative once pushing began to take "too long." Ultimately we were pushed into a c-section because the on call OB was concerned over potential infection and my ability to push out the baby, who ended up being 7lbs and 8 oz.

With my second pregnancy, I was undecided between RCS and VBAC until about 28 weeks. I hated that no one could really tell me what led to the c section the first time and I was worried that my pelvis was too small or there was some sort of physiological issue. My OB was supportive of a VBAC but was also very straightforward regarding my statiscal chances of a successful VBAC considering my history. The hospital had a strong VBAC record and my OB was onboard with letting me go to at least 41 weeks before a RCS. Ultimately I decided to go for it because I at least wanted a chance at a vaginal delivery and better recovery with a toddler at home. To help my chances, I hired a doula and began doing chiropractic adjustments once a week. I sat on a yoga ball nightly to help with positioning the last few weeks.

Last week, at 40 weeks and 1 day, I went into labor at about 6 am with strong but spaced out (10 min apart) contractions. At 7:30 am, my water broke while I was getting ready to take my daughter to preschool and the contractions increased so we called her grandparents to help with our daughter and called our doula to meet us at the hospital. By the time we reached the hospital at 9 am, my contractions were nonstop and I was at already 7-8 cm when checked at triage. By the time we got into the labor and delivery room (less than 10 min from my cervical check), I was completely dilated and my body began to push out the baby. Truthfully I had wanted an epidural because I did not think I could handle the pain especially during pushing but there was zero time to get an epidural and after I got over the shock of how fast this labor was happening compared to my first, I realized that the need to push was so much stronger and instinctual than with my first. I don't know if that was due to the lack of epidural or baby's position, but within an hour of getting to the hospital, I was able to push my baby girl (who was nearly two lbs bigger than my first) out. My OB, nurses and doula were all great this time and gave good instructions and support through out. I did have a third degree tear but a week out from her birth, I feel much more capable of physical activity than I did after the c section at this time.

Thanks to all ladies who shared their stories on this board and who commented on my original post! Reading your tips and stories were a huge boost during my pregnancy and fast & furious labor!