We’re renovating our home (nothing like starting a major remodel project when you’re 34 weeks pregnant with your 4th baby 😅) We are taking out the boiler system and installing a furnace, so there’s going to be about 2 week period where our toddler’s (21 mo) room won’t have a direct heat source, aside from leaving the door open and hoping some drifts in there haha. Unfortunately, we’re apparently having an early winter and the high temps are in the 30s right now 🙄 A space heater isn’t an option because of old wiring (which will also be getting taken care of!). Ideas on how to warmly dress DS overnight? He won’t keep a blanket on...I’m thinking footie pajamas and a heavy sleep sack? Maybe a onesie underneath the pajamas? Worst case scenario we can move him into a pack and play in a different room, but it’d obviously be ideal if he could stay in his crib!

TLDR: how should I dress my 21 month old for cold night time temps? Recommendations for a heavy (2.5 tog?) sleep sack appreciated