DH and I got our BFP on New Years Day for our wedding night baby. We were so happy we got lucky off of our first cycle of TTC considering DH has potentially huge fertility problems from a childhood surgery.

However I started spotting lightly the same day, but wrote it off as implantation bleeding. When I was still spotting on Wednesday we decided to go to the hospital. My HCG was low (28) but we were told not to worry too much, this stuff happens.

Well today I woke up to heavier red bleeding and clots so we rushed off to the hospital again. They did multiple ultrasounds and another beta test. They couldn't find any sign of our little Gummybear in my ultrasounds and my HCG dropped (15). All the doctor could say was that either I was miscarrying and was near the tail-end of it or it was an ectopic pregnancy.

When we got home I read our Gummybear the "first book" we bought it 'Love You Forever' and said goodbye. DH wants to TTC again as soon as we're able, but my heart is so broken right now I can't imagine trying to get pregnant again knowing this can happen to us.

Sorry for the vent Bees, we didn't tell anyone because it was still so early, so I feel like I don't have anyone else to tell...