I'm so bored and in need of mommy friends. My high school best friends still live together as roommates, so they're together constantly and such about including me. And my few friends who do have kids work full-time, so when they aren't at work they understandably want to be with their family. I, on the other hand, am a SAHM and am just dying to get out of the house sometimes! Like today...I've been at home with L by myself Monday through Saturday from 7AM-7PM, and now it's DH's one day off and he has band practice tonight, leaving me alone with L again. I so wish I had a friend I could call so that before I'm stuck alone again all night I could go see a movie or have lunch or something...but I doubt it'll happen.

So yeah, pity party aside, I really think we should have a meet up sometime! I would really love to meet others from this area. I live in Monroe, but grew up Downriver and am also fairly familiar with the Bedford, Toledo, and Ann Arbor area. Would anyone else from the area be interested in a meet up?