My FIL is getting remarried to J next week to a woman he's been with for over 9 years. J hasn't been married before (but is age appropriate ) and we do really like her. The wedding is in St. Thomas and they've picked up most of the bill. I'm struggling with an appropriate gift to give them as I'm normally a "write a check to the happy couple" kind of gal but that seems a bit inappropriate.

This will be the first time they both live together as they lived in towns that were about an hour+ away from each other before but they obviously don't need any of your normal wedding gift items. I was thinking about having something made that would show J coming into our family that they could hang at the their house but don't really know what I'm looking for. I've also never been to her house, where they will be living so not sure what her/their style is. The other thing is that they both really like wine so I know there are things out there about getting some good bottles of wine that they would open for special occasions. Other than that, I'm drawing a blank.

Any ideas?