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Weight Loss Challenge/Support 2017!

  1. Mrs. Sunshine

    hostess / cantaloupe / 6486 posts

    Okay so what have you guys done today to reach your goals?
    This morning I did a 2.5 mile hike it baby walk while pushing like 80 lbs of kid in the stroller. Then I came home and did a 15 minute HIIT (I usually skip workouts on walk days) 1 minute high knees, 1 minute burpees, 1 minute push ups, 1 minute mountain climbers, 1 minute rest, repeated 3 times. It was supposed to be 4 times but I was tired! lol I usually hate HIIT but I was getting bored with my weight routine and I can't complain about how quick HIIT workouts can be! I'll come back and post some yummy recipes I've made this week in a bit!

  2. Anagram

    eggplant / 11716 posts

    @MrsSRS: wow! And you lost 25 lbs doing the week on/weekend off thing? That's incredible.

  3. Anagram

    eggplant / 11716 posts

    @Mrs. Sunshine: Today I tried to wake up early to do some yoga (on demand on TV) but only got about 15 minutes done before LO2 was up and then hanging on to my legs. On my lunch break, I *did not* do all the grading I need to do and instead went out side and walked a bit, so I can get my 10k steps in. And tonight, I'm hoping to go to a yoga class. If DH isn't home by 7, then I'll just try to do yoga from a video at home.

  4. Mrs. Sunshine

    hostess / cantaloupe / 6486 posts

    @Anagram: yeah when I say I did mountain climbers I mean I pretended to while my two year old climbed all over me.

  5. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2813 posts

    Anyone have tips for controlling emotional eating? That seems to be my biggest downfall. It's especially hard after my daughter goes to bed and I am alone and start overthinking everything

  6. Anagram

    eggplant / 11716 posts

    @mrskansas: I do more "boredom" eating.....or more frequently, I have really rough days at home/work and am very tired, so I treat myself by giving myself the gift of not making dinner, and we order pizza. Or make a dinner out of junk like pita chips and hummus and devour a whole bag/tub of both instead of a real meal.

    So doing ANY kind of actual plan is the only way I stop that stuff--either strict calorie counting and logging every bite in MFP, or by doing Atkins, or Whole30, etc. Then I know I just can't eat the pizza/ice cream whatever. Right now, if I'm hungry I only have a few choices--meat, veg, nuts, or a fruit. That's it--no choice makes easier choices for me.

  7. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2813 posts

    @Anagram: I do track calories in MFP and have for a long time, but once I "go off the rails", I just don't hold myself accountable to tracking anything.

    I really just need to stop making excuses for myself and do it. I got dressed this morning and realized that most of my summer clothes don't fit me and I really need to lose at least 10 pounds before they do. Ugh

  8. Coral

    clementine / 874 posts

    @mrskansas: I know the feeling! I struggle with this as well. When I am being vigilant about it, I ask myself "is this (the food) what I really want?" 10/10, it's not. I'm either thirsty, should take a bath to relax, should start a new book, etc.

    As far as tracking goes, I lost 10 lbs a couple years ago by writing down everything I ate and getting 10,000 steps a day. I didn't restrict what I ate, I just had to write it down. Writing down that I ate an entire bag of tortilla chips wasn't something I wanted to do.

  9. Anagram

    eggplant / 11716 posts

    @mrskansas: yeah, I'm the same. when I'm off, I'm really off!

  10. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    Sigh, I did pretty well following my health plan this week and was pleased to see the scale dropping bit by bit at the start of the week. But for some reason it's bumped right back up the last 2 days to more than I started at!! Today I should hopefully get cleared for exercise at my 6 week check up, but I'm heading to the beach tomorrow for a week with my parents and they are terrible influences. Tons of junk food and snacking and eating out.

  11. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2813 posts

    @JennyPenny: There are so many factors going into what the scale says, so don't get discouraged!

    This weekend will be a test for me too. It's hard when it's a holiday and everyone is having cook outs and drinking.

  12. jhd

    coconut / 8079 posts

    Jumping in here. I'm finishing up my first Whole30 and feeling pretty good. I'm hoping to stick to a Paleo diet so I can occasionally enjoy a little baked treat. I love to bake! I'm hoping that I have at least lost a little this month. Now that we're in a good groove with food I'd also like to add in some exercise. We have some BeachBody workout dvds and I also love to walk with LO and our dog.

  13. Anagram

    eggplant / 11716 posts

    @jhd: how did your Whole30 go? I know you aren't supposed to weigh yourself, but I have been...and I've been stalled for the past 1.5 weeks. I'm doing it for my overall health, not just losing weight, so I'm still finshing, but it's a little disappointing.

    After a few days of stall, I even cut way back on fruit and startchier veggies like sweet potatoes, and still no budging. I actually went up 1.5 lbs for a few days, and now I'm back to where I started 1.5 weeks ago. Annoying! I haven't even had a hint of a cheat in the 2.5 weeks since I started. I was also feeling more energetic the first week, but this week I'm suuuuper tired again. I think maybe my autoimmune disease is kind of kicking my butt right now, I'm not sure.

    I'm still wearing my fitbit and getting 10k steps a day (usually walking on my lunch break to get the extra steps), and still doing yoga a few times a week.

  14. looch

    wonderful pear / 26210 posts

    I would like to "join." I am terrible at cheerleading though, I tend to just post updates and ask questions, lol. I am going to try to be better.

    My goal is to break through this plateau I am in. I've been gaining and losing the same 5 pounds over and over and I can not get past this certain number. I am extremely close to a new middle number but I keep getting into that cycle of losing and then rewarding myself with food!

    I need to exercise, there's really no way around it, as my food choices are already where they should be, with the exception of the rewards. I think if I stop those and exercise, I should be in a good position to break through.

  15. jhd

    coconut / 8079 posts

    @Anagram: we started may 1 and last week I was really tired so week 3. I'm not sure how much of that was related to whole30 and how much of that was just stress and end of school year exhaustion! It's hard to separate it. I weighed myself just once, last week and I had lost 3.5 lbs. I was a little discouraged it was not more so I haven't weighed again. AF is here right now so it wouldn't be a good time to weigh in anyway. I will be honest I think I will be discouraged if I don't lose more than five pounds. BUT my jeans are fitting better so that's something. I haven't been able to be consistent with exercise, but my goal for this month was to eat cleaner, stop snacking on junk, and see if I feel better without gluten and dairy. I figure once I'm feeling better exercise will be easier to make a priority. I haven't cheated at all except for a glass of apple juice one day when I was really really craving a mocha! Juice is compliant but I think you're just supposed to use it for cooking not drinking. Sorry for the ramble!! It sounds like you are doing great! Hopefully you will start to feel some more energy soon.

  16. Anagram

    eggplant / 11716 posts

    @jhd: I'm on my period too, so that might explain the general tiredness and maybe the weight gain/no weight loss too. Except it's almost done and I still haven't broken the plateau. I know they say it's not just about weight, and I did feel more energetic the first two weeks, so I'm just going to keep trucking along. But like you, after my 30 days is up, I will switch to just paleo--I have found several paleo baking recipes that look great--like paleo Naan, and I think my husband will find it much easier to eat healthfully if we can incorporate some of these things.

  17. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    So I've gained weight the last two weeks instead of losing!! I know everything is wonky when you're newly post partum and nursing, so trying not to let it get to me!
    I just finished week two of the SELF pp sweat app (bbg/sweat with kayla/Kelsey). And I'm still really liking it. It's not high intensity, so I don't foresee my fat just melting off or dramatic weight loss- it's more of a focus on core and pelvic floor rehab after pregnancy/child birth. Having had a c section, I think that's more important right now and I'd rather build up my core strength again than risk injury!
    I've also hit my daily step goal 6/7 days this week, and most days went significantly over! (I did almost 30k steps sat/sun this weekend).

    DH and I decided to do another whole 30, too. So I'll take the next week or so to plan the month and then we'll jump in. Summer is my favorite time to do them because farmers markets and produce is all in season.

  18. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    Well, I'm mostly on track for my first weight goal. Just have 1/2 a pound to lose by Saturday. It's a good thing too cause I tried on the dress I bought for BIL's wedding this August and it doesn't fit 😬 My goal is 5 more pounds before then. Hopefully it zips...

    On a plus side, I did yoga for the first time since like 34 weeks today and it hurt so good. I'm terribly tight so the stretches felt amazing!

  19. arosebyany

    clementine / 955 posts

    Can I jump in two weeks late? I still have to lose my pregnancy weight 18 months post partum HA! Seriously though I've been doing crossfit type workouts for about 6 months now, and was doing fitness blender for 6 months before that. So I recently hit my regular excersize for one year goal!(3-6 days a week) I've lost 15lbs through it all, mostly eating like crap. I know I'd already be at my goal, if only I could stop shoving my face full of food when I'm bored. The crossfit stuff has packed quite a bit of muscle on me, so even though I have roughly 25-30lbs to lose, I only look about 15 overweight. My husband is in a wedding at the end of august, so my short term goal is 12lbs by august 20th. My long term goal is 20lbs by the end of October and see how I feel then. My food goal is to eat clean. I already drink ridiculous amounts of water. My biggest problem is I have such a terrible sweet tooth, well someone suggested that I try b12 to help with craving, and it has seemed to take the edge off. I really hope we all get where we want to be!!

    ETA my stats:
    5'4" current: 157
    Goal:135-125 abs, and no cellulite on my thighs!

  20. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2813 posts

    @arosebyany: Cellulite is my biggest enemy right now. Ughhh. It sucks.

    I don't have any cellulite when I'm around 140 pounds (I'm 5'7") but I'm not there yet so it's still bad

  21. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2813 posts

    @JennyPenny: Congrats on almost reaching your first goal! That's great!

    I really need to do some yoga too. My muscles are so tight.

  22. mrskansas

    nectarine / 2813 posts

    I bought a treadmill last week and have been on it every day since. Woot.
    I've also been doing really good staying within my calorie target. I had a bad day on Sunday but I let it go and moved on.
    My first and biggest goal was to cut out Diet Coke and I am on day #2. I woke up with a horrible headache today but I popped a couple of ibuprofen and it feels much better. I've switched to seltzer water so I'm still getting my "fizzy" fix.

    I need to replace the batteries in my scale so I can start weighing myself. I want to be down 10 pounds by July 15 and then 20 pounds by September 1.

  23. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    Hit my first weight goal today!! A whole day early Now we'll see if I can hit the next one - 2 more pounds in the next 3 weeks.

    @mrskansas: I would love to get a treadmill. I sometimes do laps around the house to get my Fitbit step goal when the weather's bad 😛

  24. josina

    pomegranate / 3973 posts

    Joining in late as well... I'm 4 months pp and need to lose at least 10 lbs yet, ideally 15.
    Right now I'm tracking calories on MyFitness Pal, I have my goal set at 1800 calories/day... When I'm trying to lose weight normally I eat 1200, and I added 600 for breastfeeding.
    I walk 20 minutes on my lunch breaks, and am on day 5 of a 30 day buns/guns/abs challenge (below), actually enjoying it!

    And have to share this recipe I made the other night, was really good and got approval from the whole fam (minus the toddler) http://www.skinnytaste.com/blackened-chicken-fiesta-salad/

  25. josina

    pomegranate / 3973 posts

    @mrskansas: Thats awesome that you've been on the treadmill everyday! I should really get my elliptical back out...
    Regarding your earlier comment about summer clothes, I have an entire drawer of jeans I need to fit back into... I refuse to buy new jeans a size up!

    @JennyPenny: Awesome!
    @arosebyany: My sweet tooth is awful, I am a chocolate addict, but everything in moderation right?

  26. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    @josina: I love Skinnytaste! Everything I've made of hers is so tasty and having the nutrition info is so convenient with MyFitnessPal.

  27. Anagram

    eggplant / 11716 posts

    Ha, saw this thread pop up and am having a slow/tired day at work, so decided to update. My "general tiredness" is mono (ha ha..jokes on me)....which, I knew I had before but I guess maybe was in early stages and now it's at peak stage?

    Anyway, I went from at least walking 10k a day and sometimes doing yoga to not even getting 10k steps a day. So...wamp wamp.

    Still not eating dairy, sugar, and grains and did finally break my plateau. I think I've actually dropped about 3 lbs this week, but I think that's from being too tired to eat.

    Anyway, I wanted to lose 25-30 lbs in total and now I've lost about 9-10 lbs. I have about 20 lbs to lose from what I weighed this morning, but I don't think it's "real" weight loss, I just think it's because I've been skipping dinner to sleep (and I NEVER miss a meal).

    eta: I've been doing Whole30/paleo now for 34 days. It's been a bit easier than I thought it would be. Planning to continue for now, unless my health gets worse, I guess.

  28. Mrs. Oreo

    pear / 1677 posts

    I'm so behind on this. I've been in a real slump. The last couple weeks I've really felt more bloated and just crappy about my body. Hate looking at myself in the mirror and not really wanting to go out and do anything except go to work (I can wear scrubs so it makes me feel better).

    I've realized I don't like working out. I've tried various exercises and just really thought to myself today (as I'm wearing workout clothes with the intention to workout for the last 6 hours...) that I simply don't like it. I wonder if I need to find some activity that I'll really enjoy that can count as exercise. Otherwise, I think I'll just walk around my neighborhood.

    My big thing is I really need to change my eating habits. It's probably 60% healthy -- but I justify pizza and ice cream for dinner if I ate pretty well during the day. I definitely reward myself way more than I should or need to.

    So my new goal is to change my eating habits. I'm reading up on whole30 and it seems intimidating.

    Anyone mind sharing specific recipes they continue to use AFTER doing whole30?

  29. jhd

    coconut / 8079 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: I'm sorry you are struggling. I love walking and recently got DH to buy me a new Fitbit. I like setting a goal for steps. I used to move a lot more when I WOH, but now I WAH and sit so much. This was hands down my favorite recipe when we did whole 30. I made it at least once a week and every week since.
    http://iheartumami.com/crispy-teriyaki-chicken/ (Can't remember if I have already shared this here!) I think it's totally ok to say you are not ready to do something as restrictive as whole30. Have you ever tried My Fitness Pal or Weight Watchers?

  30. Mrs. Oreo

    pear / 1677 posts

    @jhd: Thank you! I was considering getting a FitBit to track my steps since I have certain days in clinic where I'm really hustling. I have an account with MFP but never really did anything with it. I tried counting calories before and it left me miserable and totally hangry. I'm not sure if Weight Watchers will be for me either.

    A lot of it is really a psychological/mental issue, I'm starting to think. I'm bored, I eat. I'm with friends, I eat more than I need to. I haven't eaten in 3 hours, so I MUST be hungry....so I eat. And sometimes my portions are too much, I admit. I've done way better than I used to, but admitting my struggles to myself was hard.

    My goal for the next month, even if it's not whole30, is do as close to it as possible. Less portions, more wholesome choices. It's funny....my husband has a chronic condition and I make sure he eats well and has balanced meals. But then I don't do it for myself. WTF.

  31. Mrs. Oreo

    pear / 1677 posts

    @mrskansas: I have the same weight goal as you!

  32. jhd

    coconut / 8079 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: oh I hear you. It's so hard. I have started following some whole30 and paleo bloggers on instagram and I like seeing all the ideas even if I only try a few recipes here and there. I think it's all about taking it a day at a time and finding something that works for you. That has changed for me in different seasons.

  33. Mrs. Oreo

    pear / 1677 posts

    @jhd: I've saved some recipes and have Paleo books, so I'll be putting them to good use now. I'm hoping this boosts me up mentally as well!

  34. JennyPenny

    nectarine / 2460 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: I think you've already done the hardest step and recognized your weaknesses. Maybe try tackling them one at a time with specific habits. For example, I was a terrible late night snacker. I could put away a whole days worth of calories after 8pm. So I started brushing my teeth after I put my boys to bed. I don't have a single snack on the nights I remember to do that. And it isn't just that I don't want to brush my teeth again (which is why I figured it'd work) I really don't even want to snack cause I think I've signaled to my body that the day is done. Maybe you could do something similar. Like, maybe always save some part of your lunch for the afternoon. That'd help with portions and the feeling you mentioned of "it's been 3 hours, time to eat"

  35. Mrs. Oreo

    pear / 1677 posts

    @JennyPenny: That's really helpful, thank you! Usually before bed, DH and I will eat ice cream especially now that it's warmer. I could definitely tackle that with brushing my teeth to signal that I'm done for the day.

    I did pretty well today for breakfast and lunch at work. I'm trying to get over the headache from not eating as much as I'm used to, but snacking on something healthy if I need it. One step at a time!

  36. josina

    pomegranate / 3973 posts

    @Mrs. Oreo: My biggest tip would be to not buy the junk food. If I buy ice cream, I will totally have it every night till it's gone. If I don't buy it, I can't eat it.
    Same for snacks, I don't bring anything to work so my only option is my lunch, and water.
    And for not liking exercise, do you like to dance/have a wii? I used to do Just Dance on the Wii as my workout, so fun. (I should really start doing it again, and bonus I think the toddler would do it with me).

  37. nanilani

    apricot / 374 posts

    Jumping in here real late. I need some serious motivation to start and stick with healthy habits. Right now I'm really more concerned with stabilizing my weight and stopping the upward trend I've been experiencing since I weaned in January.

    I've had some success in the past when I have food guidelines set for me (e.g. WW for nursing moms to loose the rest of the baby weight), especially when there is some flexibility for treats. I'm never able to sustain the habits long-term, especially when I'm making up the rules for myself. I also have an awful sweet tooth and will binge when I think I can get away with it, going so far as to hide it from others So embarrassing to admit that "out loud", but in the interest of putting it all out there . . . I'm currently TTC so signing up for WW isn't worth the money at this point, plus I'd like more flexibility to enjoy those foods I won't be able to have while pregnant.

    I used to do okay with a general exercise plan (good for me, but not that much really), but between moving 45 minutes away and working full-time I'm no longer able to make it to those studios (aerials, barre) and there is nothing comparable closer to home. We have an elliptical at home, but I'm doing great if I can motivate myself to use it even twice per week. Working a desk job means I'm pretty sedentary, so I'm ramping up my daily step goal over time (currently 5250). I almost always have to walk laps around the house to meet it. I don't like working out and have no idea what people are talking about with endorphins . . . I must be missing mine, lol.

    I guess that's a lot to put out there (sorry for the novel), but it'd be hard to improve if I pretend I'm making great choices. Has anyone here found any tricks over the past few weeks to motivate themselves to stick with healthier habits? I like the idea of brushing my teeth when putting LO to bed, I'll try to remember to do that.

  38. looch

    wonderful pear / 26210 posts

    @nanilani: I do the exact same thing with the sweets...in fact, I am in this cycle right now and have gained about 4 pounds.

    Last night, I was shoveling a brownie in my mouth in front of my son and I was trying to hide it from him by turning my back!

    My only advice is to not keep sweets in the house. I also bring a ton of vegetables to work, today I have a cucumber, bell pepper, string beans and carrots. I also hard boil at least 4 eggs because those are great to have on hand for snacks and they have a similar mouth feel to a sweet snack.

  39. nanilani

    apricot / 374 posts

    @looch: Yeah, I know not buying junk is the best way to not eat it, but DH does most of the grocery shopping (I don't want to discourage that!) so all I can do is suggest healthy meal ideas and hope one sticks. Even when he doesn't buy sugary things, we usually end up eating a lot of carbs. Getting enough vegetables on our plates can be a struggle. I used to do reasonably okay at work by not keeping cash in my wallet, but then they added a cc reader to the vending machine

  40. Anagram

    eggplant / 11716 posts

    I haven't had any grains, dairy,or refined sugars (only fruit) in 60 days. No weird ingredients, no nitrates..... but I've only lost 8 lbs. wamp wamp.

    My body hates me. I've been stalled for the past 3 weeks. I'm actually up a pound. I can only guess it's my new medications but it's really really frustrating and demotivating. It's hard to continue cooking all meals and never eating out when there's no measurable reward except a very nebulous "good health".

    How do I stay motivated? I guess I should try adding in exercise as soon as I feel I can?

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