Ok, so I will start by saying that our daycare is reasonably priced, loves our daughter, and treats her well even with all these quirks. I just have to ask, are these "normal" rules?

1. Parents cannot stay inside their parked car in front of house for a length of time (like finishing up a phone call before getting child.)
2. Child can not use Up-and-Up brand diapers and will be returned to parents
3. Children (including babies) can only wear separates (i.e. no onesies, clothes that snap at crotch, one pieces, etc.)
4. No scents are allowed. Children's laundry must only be washed in unscented laundry detergent and parents must refrain from using perfumes, fragrant laundry detergents, etc because the smell can rub off on the child when handled by parent.

This is not typical, right? I get that if I don't like it, we can move on, but it seems like the list keeps getting longer. And I am always worried that I have worn some product that makes me "smell" because they have brought it to my attention TWICE! I stopped wearing perfume due to this daycare already.