Any advice on how to broach this topic with them? We took a tour of daycare a few weeks ago and the girl giving the tour told us "no cloth, they're unsanitary". She said the hybrids sound ok, but we'd have to run it by the director. So I'm going to meet with the head honcho. It's hard to say, too, if the girl who gave the tour was really in-the-know.

Saturday I'm going to the store for a short class on cloth diapering and I'm going to ask their opinion on how to talk to the daycare about it, plus I'm going to pick up a couple of options. Probably the all-in-one style and the hybrids with the snap-in liners and see how daycare feels about these two. Worst case scenario, she's in disposables during the day, though.

Any advice on this? Was your daycare open to cloth? I don't feel like it's very common here (the midwest), so it could be awhile before it's more widely accepted.