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What are your sleep hours?

  1. Pumuckl

    pomegranate / 3601 posts

    Okay so now I feel like a weirdo:
    I go to bed around 11:30pm-12:15am and the alarm goes off at 6:30/6:45am. I’ll sometimes fall asleep on the couch but usually I am fine until midnight. I seem to not need more than 6 hours of sleep. When the twins still nursed around midnight it was more like 5-5.5 hours. That worked out too.

  2. Mrs. Champagne

    coconut / 8482 posts

    Usually 1030ish until 7. But I’m 33 weeks pregnant and wake to pee a couple times and sometimes cannot fall back asleep. I enjoy 8 hours!


    nectarine / 2461 posts

    Oh my god, people who wake up before 6am, HOW do you do it? I feel so disoriented waking up when it's pitch black out (another reason I hate winter).

    @Mrs. Goose: @bhbee: yeah, this--I start to feel physical pain all over in the afternoons if I've gotten less than 6 hours and find it really takes a toll on my work productivity.

    @bhbee: @Mrs. Champagne: yeah, trying to figure out how much of the exhaustion is 3rd trimester normal fatigue and how much of it is on us/within our control. I feel like I've been pregnant so long I can't remember what it was like before when I just had one baby STTN (and I'm 3-4 weeks behind both of you!)

    @youboots: @crazydoglady: damn, good for yall for making it happen

    @ajsmommy: I want to go to bed early, I just can't seem to settle down--but I feel like everything we do past 10pm (besides sex, that is) is just junk time anyway. I'm emotionally ready to leave 11pm behind with the rest of youth

    @anagram: ugh, I'm so sorry this is the regular situation for you I recalled you talking about it on other threads on insomnia (I have it mildly/stress-related in normal life in moderately during pregnancy--a lot of what you describe of being up for hours and only being able to get back to sleep once the alarm's going off) but I didn't realize yours was *that* bad. I don't know how you deal with it considering your job requires you to be "on" all the time, it sounds really tough. what is sleep restriction? also pet peeve: when people tell me that exercise will help it doesn't.

  4. bhbee

    cantaloupe / 6066 posts

    @LCTBQE: omg YES to everything past 10 being a waste. And yet ... still doing it.


    nectarine / 2461 posts

    @SweetiePie: ah, yeah we've established we're on the same page re sleep needs. I'm excited to have this baby but *really* dreading newborn night wakings again. I find it so, so hard to get back to sleep once I'm up. but you're already down to just one night waking over there?? that's great, right?

    @pwnstar: ahhh! you're one of those Benjamin Franklin no sleep massively productive superhuman types so you don't feel awful when you wake up in the middle of the night after 4-5 hours? have you always been a morning person?


    nectarine / 2461 posts

    @bhbee: roger that

  7. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @LCTBQE: mmmmmmwellllll he’s almost 16 weeks and so I feel like he shouldn’t be waking up at all. Haha. But per my other thread about his feeding, I’m afraid to drop it yet. He only drinks 3-4oz overnight so I probably could drop it and be fine. But I’m not my normal sleep-training self right now. I’m hoping at the next appt in 2 weeks she’ll say go for it and I can do it with zero guilt or worry. That’s when she gave official go ahead (and urging) for Z.
    At this point with Z I was at the very least only pushing feedings forward. I was never going back (like once he woke at 1am I would have never fed again at midnight). This time I’m feeding whenver he wakes and that could be any time between midnight and 3am. I hate the inconsistency. But fortunately, regardless of when he wakes up, he doesn’t wake up again until morning.
    It’s *mostly* manageable but still sucks.

  8. wrkbrk

    pomelo / 5084 posts

    @LCTBQE: in bed by 9:30, awake by 6:00, but often up 2-5 times overnight because two of our four dogs have medical issues and need to be let out and also bc I have terrible sleep problems 😫

  9. snowjewelz

    wonderful kiwi / 23653 posts

    If I'm super exhausted, I fall asleep w/ DD2 around 9. Normally, DH and I go to bed at 11.

    We wake up anytime between 6:45-7:30.

  10. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5541 posts

    @LCTBQE: Buying a sunrise alarm clock was life changing in terms of waking up early. I cannot recommend it highly enough, it made mornings so much easier. I recommend, though, that you don’t use the “bird noise” alarm - it’s lovely in the winter but not great on summer weekends when the birds start chirping at 5 and your body is trained to bird noise = time to wake up.

  11. pwnstar

    pear / 1718 posts

    @LCTBQE: Lol no--I am not a morning person in the slightest! It's purely out of necessity that I get up "in the middle of the night" (that made me chuckle). I have days when I am productive and days when getting everyone where they need to be in a timely manner is a total win and I am good with it. It just becomes habit after a while-- an evolutionary/ biological reflex.

    On the "how" . . . The secret is (for me anyway), when the alarm goes off, to sit the eff up and start moving immediately without any hesitation. There is no hitting the snooze or rolling over, especially when I am really tired (I feel like I am always a little tired, but some days I am t-i-r-e-d). I just sit up, get out of bed, put on my workout clothes, and get it done. There are days when I feel good and waking up is not a problem . . . for the vast majority of the days, however, I always feel some level of *awful* when I wake up. But getting my workout in early is a much safer bet than trying to do it at night after the kiddos are down (which I do when I need to, but the effort behind that is probably five times greater than the effort required to wake up early--a pay now or pay later kind of thing, and included in the later is always some kind of *interest/penalty*).

  12. catgirl

    pear / 1975 posts

    I've suffered from slight insomnia since middle school. So my in bed hours very rarely match my sleeping hours. I get in bed between 10-10:30, read for awhile, and then turn the light of between 10:30-11.

    I take a long time to fall asleep and wake up multiple times in the night, sometimes for hours at a time. My best sleep typically starts around 4.

    I get out of bed between 6:15-6:40.

  13. themrsgoff

    coffee bean / 43 posts

    I've had a hard time sleeping for as long as I can remember, it usually takes me a good hour or so to fall asleep at night and I almost never sleep through. My husband is a loud sleeper and I'm currently pregnant and getting up to pee 2-3 times a night, so I'm lucky if I can get 5-6 hours combined sleep. DH's alarm rings at 6:30 and we usually get to bed around 10:15 or so. My ideal would be 8 full hours but I've got no idea how to make that happen.

    I'm feeling super unrested right now but I figure once we have this baby and that newborn exhaustion hits, I'll be able to sleep pretty hard between night wakings and eventually feel like a new lady.

  14. MrsSCB

    pomelo / 5257 posts

    @LCTBQE: Seriously, before 6 a.m., is a big nooooo thank you! F used to wake up before 6 regularly, and it was awful. Then we finally sleep trained at 21 months to fix bedtime issues, and lo and behold, he started sleeping later in the morning, too! I just always thought he was naturally an early riser, and I kick myself for not sleep training earlier. Because 5:30, or even occasionally earlier (!??!) is just not an acceptable time to get up.

  15. JennyLayneAZ

    nectarine / 2688 posts

    @LCTBQE: in response to "Oh my god, people who wake up before 6am, HOW do you do it? I feel so disoriented waking up when it's pitch black out (another reason I hate winter). "

    well, I have to leave by 6 to get to work on time. But my alarm goes off and I go straight to the shower, its the only way I can get going in the morning. I'd love to be able to sleep until 6 on the weekends, but LO is an early riser due to our work schedules, so, it doesn't happen unless she's sick or something. I've even tried keeping her up an hour and a half passed her bed time, and she still woke up at 5 It helps that I live in AZ and its already light when I get out of the shower during this time of the year, but it is a little tough during winter...

  16. pachamama

    nectarine / 2418 posts

    @LCTBQE: I am in bed at 730 after I put my son down, asleep by 9 absolute latest and up 4am/4:30. 7.5 hours is my ideal, more than that and I'm groggy all day!


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