What books have you been reading lately + would recommend, and what is the one (or more, if they are mind blowing) advice that you have learned recently which you didn't know about, but makes so much sense and apply so well?

I have The Happiest Toddler on The Block for ages now on my phone and I never really finished it. I am picking it up again and have been reading it. I am just curious to know if there are any good books in taming whining, and tips on teaching LO life lessons for example, being thankful, grateful, humble, kind....etc. My DS (3+ years old) has been a bit of a brat lately, whining about anything from wanting to go out to play RIGHT NOW, to his food was too HOT! I mean can you imagine??? It got me kinda upset when kids in Syria are losing their homes and walking across borders to nowhere, not knowing when they can eat or when they can get settled, and here my son is complaining his food is too hot.

Most of his sentences start with "I": "I am hungry", "I want to play right now", "I need you to sit next to me", "I am tired". Today I started talking to him about being thankful and grateful and he seems to be understanding. I wonder if there are books that outline a "curriculum" that raises kind and non-spoiled kids!