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  1. codeitall

    clementine / 874 posts

    @Modern Daisy: I'm thrilled to have you say that I'm really trying to make a more conscious effort to understand why people voted for Trump than attributing his win to "xenophobic, racist hicks" that liked his rhetoric. I read this article last night (warning: it is really long) and I think it speaks right to your point: http://www.vox.com/2016/4/21/11451378/smug-american-liberalism

    Like @Mrs. Lemon-Lime said, perhaps we have been in an bubble. Time to branch out and listen rather than dismiss with contempt. We can't paint all Trump's supporters with the same brush.

  2. Madison43

    persimmon / 1483 posts

    @Modern Daisy:maybe this is better as a separate thread and you don't have to answer, but I'm curious what issues were important to you or how you feel like your voice has been overlooked over the past few years?

    It's interesting because even though the current President and I share similar priorities, I have also felt like my voice did not matter because Congress openly made it their mission to block any action that Obama wanted to take, despite the fact that a majority of the country elected him - twice! The current state of our government is frustrating for everyone, I suppose.

  3. petitenoisette

    pear / 1521 posts

    @MenagerieMama: I donated to naral yesterday and just set up monthly donations to the ACLU. Will also be contributing to an environmental group, need to figure out which one. @My Only Sunshine: thanks for this link, will check it out. @erinbaderin: thanks for asking this. I cannot reconcile this position especially since there is proof of Trump's racism going back decades (so not like you can argue he just did it for votes and is not really racist).

  4. petitenoisette

    pear / 1521 posts

    And this is happening: https://mobile.twitter.com/ShaunKing

  5. Ms. RV

    pear / 1930 posts

    Most people I work with are Trump supporters. Our industry is heavily driven by oil industry (selling to it, and getting raw materials from it). Trump supported fossil fuels more than Clinton. Putting high taxes on fossil fuels in favor of clean energy could result in job cuts at work. The hundreds of people I work with are not hateful people, they were just making a vote to keep food on the table.

  6. josina

    pomegranate / 3973 posts

    I really did not want to take part in these political posts, but as someone who lives in "Rural America" I know a lot of Trump Supporters who are not "racist, bigot, or misogynist" and labeling all of them as such, as many on HB have done recently, is just as hateful and judgemental as some of the things Trump has said.
    They are nurses, pharmacists, farmers, daycare providers, teachers, business owners, etc. etc., just as are the Hillary Supporters I know. None of them are bad people. Most or all of them didn't like either option. I won't pretend to know all of their reasons for voting the way they did, but it was NOT because they are racist, hateful people.
    I'd like to believe the people deserving of such a label are in the extreme minority, just as the Hillary supporters burning American flags are.
    What do we do now? We raise our children to be loving, caring, and accepting of all people, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, weight, gender, OR opinion. The same way we would've (I hope) done a week ago. Trump is not raising our children, WE are. WE set the example for them. WE call out any injustices we witness.

  7. Modern Daisy

    grapefruit / 4187 posts

    I appreciate the requests on this thread to share my opinion, but respectfully decline. The last time I tried to provide my point of view (with respect for the other) on hellobee I was bullied and no one stood up for me or called out the bullying. I really just chimed in to point out that the media (yes, Fox News too!) failed us all by pandering to Hillary supporters and refusing to give anyone else a voice. I don't work in journalism and do not pretend to be an expert on this, but it was a clear failure on their end that has had devastating effects on women like you.

  8. honeybear

    nectarine / 2085 posts

    @Mrs. Lemon-Lime: @Madison43: I do not speak for @Modern Daisy, but conservatives definitely aren't adequately represented in the mainstream newspapers. Not among their reporters, not in their coverage, and only in the tiniest bit on the op-ed pages. I don't watch TV, but the NYT, LA Times, and WaPo are all what I consider mainstream news outlets and I read them. Once in a while they do a really good job of covering conservatives or looking at things through a not-wholly-liberal lens. But this happens rarely, and that is probably because their reporters are basically all liberal. And NPR, man, I love them, but they are one big audio liberal editorial. I'd give the WSJ a B- for representing conservatives (bonus points for Peggy Noonan), but they're mainly focused on financial issues, so it sort of stands to reason that they’d lean right.

    The liberal bias is a problem because our democracy requires that people be able to think and discuss freely in public the important matters of the day. An independent press is absolutely necessary, because that is what provides the forum for free public debate. We don’t have that right now in our main publications. When a few big outlets dominate the discussion and they don't have any, or only a very few, conservatives among them that isn't a discussion, it's a diatribe.

    And I’d note that to @Madison43’s point about not feeling your voice matters because the other side in Congress won’t vote for your policies, that that is how it’s supposed to work. The majority is supposed to be held in check. Conservatives aren’t supposed to be able to impose their ideal world on liberals and liberals aren’t supposed to be able to impose their ideal world on conservatives. I think that’s a completely ingenious design, even if it does mean that I have to stop and listen to my neighbor who disagrees with me and figure out a compromise.

  9. petitenoisette

    pear / 1521 posts

    @josina: I wrote this post because I was despairing and wanted some ideas for how to move forward in a positive productive way. I have definitely gotten some great suggestions and I think the overall tone of this thread has been very positive with almost no name calling like what you mentioned.

    I will of course continue to raise my child to respect all people regardless of our differences, nothing has changed in that respect.

  10. Madison43

    persimmon / 1483 posts

    @honeybear: I whole heartedly agreed that the design of the executive branch is genius - my point was more that there is absolutely no discourse, no dialogue, no compromise, no aisle crossing, nothing. We are at an absolute stalement - no ones voices are being heard.

  11. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5628 posts

    @Chuckles: I know! Pence is horrible. I hate that he looked like the same one throughout this election.

  12. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5628 posts

    @honeybear: I so agree (didn't read all previous responses). The media needs to figure out how to get everyone's voice represented or they will continue to feel disconnected and get things wrong. I just wish the media could go back to real reporting of fact rather than this stupid spin.

  13. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    @josina: thank you.

  14. 808love

    pomelo / 5866 posts

    LO is five and we have had several political conversations within the past weeks. She wanted the girl to win so we could have the first woman president. Yesterday she was in disbelief and wanted to know why there were more votes for Trump. I told her it is like if you are at the zoo (where we were driving to at the moment) -and you always wanted to see a panda or a unicorn or a cheetah but the zoo director kept the same animals, year after year. Which would give you a better chance at getting a new animal? Keeping the old director and his team or voting in a new one? (New one.) That's why more people (electoral votes are yet to be explained) chose the new president. They hoped for a change.

  15. Mrs. Lemon-Lime

    wonderful pea / 17279 posts

    @josina: yes, we raise our children! The change in tone and thought we want for our country begins at home.

    @honeybear: @Mrs Green Grass: I wish every anchor person and journalist was not trying to be an on-air personality. Just give us the news straight, no filter.

  16. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5573 posts

    @petitenoisette: I saw a clip from yesterday's Daily Show that summed up how I feel about this. Hasan Minhaj said "You personally may not be a racist, sexist, xenophobe but that comes with the package. So if you take that deal, what you're telling me is "Hey man, I don't hate you. I just don't care about you." I understand not wanting to explain your reasons in this environment but I haven't seen anybody give a reason for voting for Trump that is enough to balance out all the harm he has vowed to do to anybody different from him.

    Re: moving forward, I saw somebody suggest that the first step was to pick one cause, and then figure out one thing you can do to help. Maybe you donate to Planned Parenthood. And then you go from there.

  17. looch

    wonderful pear / 26210 posts

    @erinbaderin: I agree with you. What I want to understand is what is behind the movement for change. I see it all over my facebook feed...people want change, for good or bad.

    I attempt to ask what kind of change they are asking for and it's radio silence. I then get responses that any kind of change is better than what we currently have, and I can't wrap my mind around that logic. In general, people want change that is good for them or benefits them, are we really at a point where people just want change and they want things to get worse?

  18. YogiRunner

    clementine / 849 posts

    @mrs.shinerbock: This.

    For me, I grieve first. I cry angry hot tears for our children and anyone who isn't white, male, or straight. Then I practice self care. I turn off the news and put on music, I practice yoga, I read stories on Pantsuit Nation.

    And then I Pantsuit Up. I donate to Planned Parenthood, check in on friends, smile at strangers, write Hillary a thank you note, think about a real action plan for the next 4 years and beyond that involves volunteering my time and money to those who represent the "minorities" of this country and the environment. I think about the lessons and examples I'll provide for my son so he unpacks his privileges and lives with an open heart, always.

    Also, MASSIVE shout out to our teachers.

  19. ShootingStar

    coconut / 8472 posts

    @erinbaderin: "You personally may not be a racist, sexist, xenophobe but that comes with the package. So if you take that deal, what you're telling me is "Hey man, I don't hate you. I just don't care about you."

    To me it's actually worse than that. If you are accepting Trump's racism, sexism, etc then are tacitly agreeing with him. If Republicans don't want to be seen as racist, then don't vote for a guy who calls Mexicans rapists, wants to bring back stop and frisk, and wants to deny an entire religion access to this country. The people who vote for him are condoning his actions and his words.

    Two quotes to think about:
    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke

    "We have made enormous progress in teaching everyone that racism is bad. Where we seem to have dropped the ball… is in teaching people what racism actually IS." Jon Stewart

  20. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5573 posts

    @shootingstar: "To me it's actually worse than that. If you are accepting Trump's racism, sexism, etc then are tacitly agreeing with him."

    I actually agree. I don't think you can say "he's all these terrible things, but..." and complete that sentence in any acceptable ways. I don't care what he has that appeals to you, the minute he said he's going to put a ban on Muslims entering the US you can't vote for him.


    persimmon / 1188 posts

    @erinbaderin: I saw that Daily Show clip as well and thought of it while reading this post. I do not think that half the country is racist or hateful, I still have faith that they aren't, but are they saying that it's ok to be that way by accepting it as part of the package? That's the thought that makes me sad and scared.

  22. petitenoisette

    pear / 1521 posts

    @erinbaderin: @looch: agreed. I get why trump supporters don't understand why we're upset. And that is what makes me so sad, how people do not see that even if they're "not racist" etc. that that does not excuse voting for a racist. I think some people can't explain it because they know their real reasons are unacceptable (that they want it to go back to the good old white majority days). There have been a few posts on this thread explaining why someone might vote for trump bc of economic reasons, but that doesn't cut it for me. Still not morally acceptable to vote for a xenophobic racist.

    The comments in this thread that we just continue to raise our kids to be good accepting people, while I'm sure have good intentions, are bothering me because a) that's what most of us have already been doing and it's clearly not enough b) there are many people not privileged enough to be able to just retreat into their home life and hope things turn out for the best.

    Of course we DO need to do that but it's just a starting point.

    Anyway, I just bought a bunch of safety pins that I will give out at school on Monday to anyone who wants one. I'm hoping by distributing safety pins at school I can send the message to my students that my classroom is a safe place and they can come to me if they witness any unacceptable or harassing behavior.

    I also got poster board because I want to make some signs to put up alongside some of the Trump signs I see posted on public property.

    This weekend I will write letters to HRC and Obama thanking them for their service.

  23. DesertDreams88

    grapefruit / 4361 posts

    As a middle school social studies teacher who was is in the middle of a quarter-long focus on government... And as a teacher at about 85% Hispanic students, with also some African-American students and some Muslim Students...

    I told them that I love and welcome all of them regardless of politics, race, religion, background, or orientation. I said Trump and Clinton are 70 and 69, and they represent a much older generation of America and an older style of politics. I told them that they are 13 and 14, and that they are the future of America. If they don't like how things turned out, it's up to them to really think through all of the issues, consider all the different sides and possible outcomes, evaluate all of the candidates and parties, and participate and advocate for what matters to them.

    I teach about the Bill of Rights, the branches of government, their various roles, of the purpose of protest, the Civil Rights era, current issues with racism and sexism and discrimination. My hope is that my daily work is raising up a generation of people that don't think like this.

  24. erinbaderin

    pomelo / 5573 posts

    @DesertDreams88: Thank you for posting this. I'm not American but this choked me up and I needed to read it. What a wonderful message to give your kids.

  25. yellowbird

    honeydew / 7303 posts

    @DesertDreams88: you are an amazing teacher! I hope my kids have someone as inspiring as you. Thank you!

  26. meredithNYC

    pomegranate / 3314 posts

    Donating to Planned Parenthood, telling off racists on FB (it's like a full time job), going to the Million Woman March in DC in January with so many likeminded women. And it is going to be amazing.

    Take heart: in my opinion, this election result is the last, gasping breath of the old guard. Women and minorities are rising up.

  27. Mama Bird

    pomegranate / 3127 posts

    @petitenoisette: that's so true, sadly. It's not enough to raise them to be good. It's never been enough, not here, not in other countries. I guess we've just had a long run of good luck.

    @DesertDreams88: that's the only thing that gives me some hope. I can't believe we're still trying to pry our country out of the boomers' wrinkled hands, but they're not forever. If this does not do in the democratic system, we will survive.

    @meredithnyc: you're brave! Wishing you strength and calm. Every time I get in an argument on Facebook, I feel so dirty afterward. It's certainly given me a new appreciation for how strong Hillary Clinton must be to stand up to that and worse every day. I may not have agreed with her on everything, but to deal with that and remain calm and composed... wow.

  28. Maysprout

    grapefruit / 4800 posts

    Honestly he needs to be watched like a hawk and anything hinting at unconstitutional, racist, sexist, anti-science needs to be called out immediately, protested, and sued about in court.

    No amount of hugging children will undo things he proposes to do. Many uncomfortable conversations will need to occur with kids, family, neighbors. Be more active in local politics.

    I agree there was name calling on both sides during this election but a minority of Americans came together to elect someone who could not coherently discuss policy during debates, focused instead on name calling other candidates, and gave credence to every negative stereotype of different groups of Americans he could find. Yeah, that's a hard one to defend, I can see why no logical defense of him can be found in media or even in public forums, how do you defend that?

  29. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    So for those of you who did vote for Trump and claim to be not racist, will you defend minorities if they are harassed for their gender, orientation or race? I'm seeing a lot of it since the election results and it deeply saddens me. For me, I'm seeing Asian Americans being targeted and it now scares me. I know Asians weren't a huge focus in Trump's campaign like Mexicans and Muslims were, but to see us targeted, too, is eye opening.

    Will you defend all minorities? Or only certain ones? Will you defend them even if you don't know them?

    If you are a non-racist Trump supporter, show it! Prove it to those that are being attacked and harassed. Don't hide behind your words, show us!

  30. Mrs. Yoyo

    blogger / pomelo / 5400 posts

    @Mrs Green Grass: the old "fair" media has been absolutely DECIMATED by layoffs and budget cuts. Because people would rather get their own POVs spoon-fed to them on Facebook. The journalists who are left who truly try are maligned on the daily. I don't see the media coming to the rescue here unless there's a sea change of thinking about how we want to get our news.

  31. meredithNYC

    pomegranate / 3314 posts

    @Mama Bird: I never said I remain calm . These jerks anger me like nothing else, but I still have to challenge them.

  32. NorthStar

    pear / 1881 posts

    @DesertDreams88: Thank you for saying this to your classrooms. This gives me SO much hope that we can do something.

  33. sarah.clarisse

    apricot / 360 posts

    @bluestriped bee: THIS!!! I have yet to see a single post on Facebook from trump supporters who say they voted because of policy stand up against the hate and racism being expressed by others under in the name of him. Get off your ass and prove that you don't support his racist and sexist ways!

  34. ShootingStar

    coconut / 8472 posts

    @bluestriped bee: 👍

    This is something ALL of us need to do. Everyone who believes in racial equality, religious freedom, gay rights, and the equality of women. We ALL have to support each other and support the rights of the any all groups to come under fire for being part of the "other".

  35. wrkbrk

    pomelo / 5084 posts

    Maybe cheesy, but I took ten minutes to send Hillary a thank you letter today.

  36. catomd00

    grapefruit / 4418 posts

    @bluestriped bee: exactly! All I see from my known Trump supporters are that they think all the stuff being shared by Shaun King is fake and made up and these racist acts aren't happening. So, don't sit there and say you're not racist and that's not why you voted for him, but then deny others' very real experiences as lies.

  37. lamariniere

    pineapple / 12566 posts

    @DesertDreams88: thank you. This was such a positive thing to read today.

  38. Mrs. Lemon-Lime

    wonderful pea / 17279 posts

  39. jhd

    coconut / 8079 posts

    @DesertDreams88: love this! thank you for what you do!

  40. ShootingStar

    coconut / 8472 posts

    @Mrs. Lemon-Lime: And there's this... https://twitter.com/ShaunKing/status/797051337326395392

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