My question kind of shifted once I wrote out my post but my phone isn’t letting me change the title. Maybe a better name would be “All my dishes are chipped - what next?”

When DH and I got married we got Crate and Barrel’s Aspen dishes.

Eight years later, almost every piece is chipped. Is that normal? I expected they would last longer since my parents still have the dishes they got when they married. But they also have the same carpet, wallpaper and curtains so I realize they aren’t a good reference point in determining how long most people keep things.

We have cement countertops which are unforgiving but almost all the chips are on the sides of dishes and tops of bowls - so dishwasher?

I’m thinking about switching to Corelle for more durability. Their light weight is also a plus for getting the kids to help set the table. One downside is they don’t feel “grownup” to me.

What else should I consider? What do you like?