I am due in a few weeks and just can’t remember the beginning stages. I have a toddler and would like to start a schedule asap with feeding and napping.

We start our day with LO1 around 630am- he’s sleep trained and on a strict schedule. Two days a week he will be in school.

Bedtime for LO2 is 630pm- no later than 7pm.

I would like to feed newborn every 3hours. I will be BF but may supplement w/ formula if I have supply issues.

Newborn will be in our room the first 2 months.
I plan to have her do all naps in her crib though.

Questions-How many naps should LO2 take?

How often should the naps be with a family wake time of about 630amish?

From day 1 should I try to put LO2 down at 600pm for bed with expecting a few night feeds etc since it’s very early? Or should I just know the bedtime will be later since it’s a newborn?

Toddler bedtime first or newborn bedtime first?

If baby slept in your room- how long were they there for?

LO2 will be in a pack n play....