Hi All

My wee girl arrived just over two weeks ago and it’s become clear to us that she’s not going to be an easygoing or chilled out wee babe like her older siblings! She’s not content to just “hang out” and isn’t even that happy when she’s being held, and then throw in some colicky behaviour and a touch of reflux and it makes for some challenging moments!

Baby is currently EBF and gaining well (ten ounces in a week!) but is a very “windy” feeder which I’m guessing doesn’t help the grumpiness and she’ll often have a 2-3 hour crying jag in the evenings where she won’t want to feed and nothing will make her happy.

So, on to my question! Does anybody have any tips or tricks for comforting my wee grumpy bum? I’d really love some more tools in my toolbox...