Thanks to a lot of input on my other question regarding newborn photography and pricing, I think I've nailed down my top contender and trying to decide if I want to bite the bullet and book her right now. I think the prices in my area, Orange County, CA, are near the top end of newborn photography.

This photographer's pricing is $300 for the Newborn Session and $525 for the cheapest Digital Files collection (approx. images on a CD) and a set of 5x7 prints.
It sounds about average for a major metropolitan area?

I'm still debating on the "Mini Maternity" Session (30 min.) which is $250 for 5 images on a CD and $399(!) for the CD of images. I haven't heard back from my sister's friend who said she would do maternity pics for us yet.

DH thought it was CRAZY that I'd want to spend close to $1K for pictures, but I'm totally sold on the Newborn pics as a must! I mean, you only get that precious 10 day window to capture them like this once right?

Here's a link to the photographer's blog (if you're interested).
Please be HONEST and let me know what you think about the pictures and the prices? What would you do?