So... my husband and I (and our friends) have been going camping during the summer every year for the past decade or so. The past two years we've gone to this super chill campground for car camping. There's plenty of shade, as well as running water, flushing toilets, and hot showers. It's very kid-friendly, and there are tons of paved "roads" to push a stroller around.

Sooooo here's my question. I'm due July 6. We're planning on going Labor Day weekend or sometime after. Average highs that time of year are in the high 80s to mid 90s. That means bebe will be around 2 months old. I plan on EBF and won't go if my vag is still healing, the baby has colic, or either one of us is sick.

Most 2 month olds I know just sleep all day, poop, and chill out. I plan on wearing a Moby or some sort of carrier, and bringing our stroller and bouncy chair to keep bebe entertained. Probably a pack n play w/ bassinet for nighttime, and lots of layers (lows should be in the 60s) and a mosquito net to go over the bassinet.

Has anyone gone tent camping with a teeny tiny little one before? I've read on other forums that it's not so bad, especially since the kid isn't mobile yet, putting rocks and poison ivy into their mouths.