2nd time mom here, but still worried about unusual things observed.
So, my 3 month old is staring to notice he has hands and is finding it fascinating, bringing it to his mouth. That looks cute.
This week he came down with a mild cold, with some sinus issues. Last night seem to be rough for him, he's normally a pretty mellow baby, milk or holding him would calm him down, but last night he wouldn't stop flinging his arms, and because his hand/arm control is still immature, he's sometimes punching himself. I have to run over to cuddle him or place my hands on his. That usually works to soothe him back to sleep. Not last night, as soon as I place him down, flinging left and right, and bawls louder if I attempt to swaddle his arms to the side. My guess is.he's frustrated by his sinus and possibly his itchy eczema on his left cheek. I've check his temperature and ears, all normal.

Anyone have any tips to help him feel better.
I do try to saline and use nose Frida on him before he sleeps for the night.
He's drinking milk just fine, so probably just need to let this pass, just wish I can make him feel better. Hopefully tonight will be better! He was up every hour last night.